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The kids, grandmas and cousins had a blast - they laughed so hard they almost cried. Wonderful Easter day in the rain watching movies.
Thanks. Safe travels.
Chris M.

Everything was great and I greatly appreciate what you did!!!! That was the first time I saw the wedding video!!! 13 years later! Thank you and I will recommend you to anyone needing your services.
Take care,
Beth G.

HI Chris – just wanted to let you know that I went to a family reunion today and they were playing the DVDs you made. Everyone LOVED them and was so grateful to have them. People were actually crying. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much those DVDS mean to us. I really appreciate it!
Sarah G.

Chris, The movies are awesome. We have been enjoying them ever since I brought them home.
Thanks for your help and professional service.
Paul L.

Hey! Everything went smooth and great, thanks! Jessica wanted it to be longer, she loved it!!! We got all the ah's and oh's at all the right points. Hope you are good and your summer is going well! If I ever have a chance I will be happy to recommend you, really had fun with our project...take care!
:) Sharon G.

Perfect! It was a evening with lots of love, laughter and emotions. The video was the highlight with tears and smiles all around. Thank you Chris for helping supply my family with such a memorable evening.
Dan C.

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Digital Treasure Video is St. Louis video production company offering a variety of video production and video editing services for clients throughout the St. Louis area. Our services offer high quality results at prices that are much lower than many other local video production companies. We are committed to providing our customers with the services they desire at prices they can afford in order to allow them to have professional quality videos to capture and share special memories.

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Like other video production companies, our video production company offers a complete variety of video production and video editing services to clients located throughout the St. Louis area. As a small, local business, we are able to offer our services at affordable prices. We place an emphasis on offering each customer high quality and superior results. Our video production and video editing services create high quality, professional videos that can become keepsakes passed on for generations, can allow you to celebrate and remember special events, and allow you to share memories with friends and family.

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Video Production: Photo Montage Video Production

With our photo montage video production services, we can produce special videos to celebrate special events and capture special memories. We can shoot professional video clips or combine your personal videos and photos in order to create a photo montage or slideshow. By utilizing the professional video editing equipment that you would expect to find at any of the local video production companies, we are able to produce high quality videos that you will cherish for years to come.

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We can offer professional video coverage of any special event including weddings, school functions, scouting events, plays, ceremonies, and reunions. As one of St. Louis’ leading video production companies, we will use professional video equipment to capture your special event. We can then provide the necessary editing services needed to produce high quality video that you can use to remember any special event or to share events and memories with friends and family.

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Sports Recruiting Video Production

With our sports recruiting video production services, we can produce high quality and professional videos for high school athletes and team highlight films. Our sports recruiting videos can help high school athletes to show off their talents and achieve scholarships at their desired colleges. For our sports video production and video editing services, we can video tape sporting games throughout the St. Louis area and utilize a combination of professional video and your personal photos or videos to create a custom highlight video.

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Video Production: Transferring VHS & Film

We can transfer any family videos from old VHS or film formats to DVD or video file formats that are easy to use and share with family members. Our video transfer services also allow you to preserve old videos in new, more reliable mediums.

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